This past Saturday was the XCorp Challenge at Takeover. An insanely long and hard race including everything from deadlifts, chest to bar pullups and HSPU to a 4 mile run, long bike, obstacle course, OH walking lunges and more. With the sun beating down and 90 degree heat, I certainly got my ass kicked. But all was worth it when my team crossed the finish line first with a time of about two and a half hours. I love events like this, getting the crossfit community together, doing a “workout” that I would NEVER do on my own, the feeling of complete and utter exhaustion and of course, the teamwork and motivation that comes with working with a team and relying on one another to keep moving through the race course.

Victory beer from the winner's cup


Workouts 6/6-6/10

Monday 6/6
100 OHS 65#
6:33 rx

Tuesday 6/7
9:48 rx
Followed by 5 rope climbs

Wednesday 6/8
11:08 rx

Thursday 6/9 Rest Day

Friday 6/10
3 Rounds:
500 m row
10 DB push press 25#
10 T2B
Untimed: approx 12 min

Haven’t been feeling well since last Monday and seemed to just get worse all week. Turns out I have a sinus infection. So with that, along with soreness and just being tired from regionals and being out of town, I’m okay with being right on my PRs for Helen and Annie.
PRs for Helen and Annie.