Progress Report

My goal is to also use this blog to track my workout performance. I’ve been pretty slack with recording my workouts and sometimes rely on an out of date record board for one rep maxes. So, in order to stay more focused on my progress and my goals, I will probably start recording workouts, or at least PRs on here. So…a few new PRs >>

Fran 4:51 (1/26. reached goal of doing unbroken thrusters with no real intention of PR-ing. Slow and steady on thrusters ended up getting me a 3 second PR. Anxious to tackle this one again and be more aggressive on the thrusters)
Jerk 150 (by 5 # 1/14)
Back Squat 210 ( by 5# 1/28 )
Deadlift 280 (by 5#. 10 pounds away from goal of double body weight. unless I can lose 5 pounds and then lift this weight again 🙂 )
Snatch 113(by 13# 2/5)

i really do


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