Strong equals Sexy

Strong equals sexy. Strength is beauty. Strong is the new skinny. Have you heard any of these up and coming phrases? Before I started Crossfitting, I had a different standard of what my ideal body image was. Probably not anything too surprising. Think about the models that cover magazines like Shape, Women’s Health, Fitness, etc. I don’t care that they’re airbrushed. I don’t care that they are all a size 0. I still clipped the pictures and put them on my fridge to act as little devils on my shoulder when I went for the second helping of my nightly Breyer’s mint chocolate chip.














But the past year a funny thing has happened to me. I no longer find that body type appealing. Yes, they look good, but do I want to look like that? No, I can honestly say that I don’t. Body image has been shifting for me and I love it. I love whenever I get a bout of self consciousness about certain areas (my arms for example) I can then walk into my gym and have other girls compliment the very thing I was just stressing about. It helps me remember that my arms have purpose. They aren’t just there to try and perfectly tone so that my cutest tank top looks good, but they’re there to clean and jerk and ring dip and overhead squat. Spaghetti arms won’t help me butterfly kip or get my 14# wall ball above the sticker. And when it comes down to it, the feeling I get after a kick ass workout definitely beats the (now fleeting) feeling of wanting to look perfect in my tank top.

I’m not gonna lie…I often lose sight of this. It’s hard when I’m around a group friends that just have that naturally skinny build, wearing cute girly clothes that only seem to make me feel huge. I can’t wear my workout clothes all the time and sometimes it really is hard to find something that I feel good in. Broad back, big thighs, shrinking ass, big arms, small chest…pretty standard athletic build but limited options in clothing styles. So what do I do? Stick to styles I feel most comfortable in (I am 100% convinced that it’s all in how you feel. If you feel like you’re rockin an outfit, you probably are) and just be happy. And think about the bad ass women I admire that probably have the same problem!

I love looking at pictures of strong Crossfit women and admiring not only what they look like, but their strength and confidence, too. It’s become a package deal for me. And I really hope this is starting to become a new standard of beauty. To have women proud of being strong and not worried they’re too bulky or their thighs are too big or back too broad.






When I started this blog at the beginning of January I did so with the intention of using it strictly for accountabilty. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to share it or not. Does the world really need another blog of someone just talking about themselves? But recently I’ve been coming across different articles and quotes that inspire me, building my own confidences in things and being inspired by those around me, so why not pay it forward?

Check out this article: Dispelling some myths: Women in Crossfit.



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  1. Tiffany @The Clean Year
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 19:00:27

    Thank you for writing about this. It’s incredibly important to hear intelligent, confident talk on the issue of body image (and the physical/mental shift that takes place when we start training like athletes to increase the AWESOME in life, instead of doing cardio for hours to get “skinny”). It can be a true mind fu*&. BUT, like you, I now see the value and power in living life the way we (crossfitting/athletic women) do and the beauty in the way we look.

    Awesome thoughts and awesome blog.


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